Florida Short Term Medical Insurance

Short Term Medical InsuranceFinding an affordable medical insurance plan in Florida can be a minefield of eccentric regulations, confusing policies and competing HMOs. In fact, the entire process can be a daunting task to most people, more so because there is a plethora of plans from which to choose. However, one of the lesser known options is the short medical insurance plan. These plans are offered by several companies, and can be helpful as a temporary measure for covering your family’s healthcare needs. So, what is short term medical insurance?

Technically, short term medical insurance coverage is usually valid for between 6 to 12 months from the date of purchase. They are designed for people who are temporarily out of employment. You can use this type of coverage to access the same healthcare benefits available from any other HMO or group insurance plan. A short term policy can cover major medical, doctor’s appointment, vision examinations and discounts on prescription drugs as well as dental care.

Benefits of Short Term Medical Coverage

Short term medical coverage is ideal when you have been recently laid off and when you find yourself temporarily out of work. It is important to note that in some states, state laws require employees to be covered by an employer sponsored policy for three to six months after leaving employment. This means that in states like California, you may have the right to remain covered by your policy for up to 6 months upon leaving employment.

Short term medical policies are known to be very affordable. This is because most of these policies are designed for people who are out of employment. Since insurance companies understand that money can be tight in such kinds of situations, they design the policies to be as affordable as possible, while ensuring that they offer a solid level of coverage for clients

Unlike most long term plans, you do not need to go for a physical examination when applying for short term medical coverage. Due to the circumstances of being out of work, the policies are designed to become effective quickly, ensuring little or no lapse in coverage for you and your family.

Some Florida specific areas that are covered by short term medical policies include:

• Regular mammogram examination from the age of 35

• Supplies for diabetes patients

• Osteoporosis treatment for individuals at high risk

• Child health examination and immunization up to age 16

• Health and post-surgery care after undergoing mastectomy surgery

• Dental anesthesia

• Cleft palate and cleft lip treatment for children under 18 years old

Things to Consider When Applying For a Short Term Medical Insurance Plan

Overall, a short term medical insurance policy is ideal when you have just lost your job and cannot access employer sponsored extended health insurance cover. However, there are certain things that you need to consider when applying for this plan. Here are some of these considerations.

1. Level of coverage

It is always wise shopping around before buying anything, and the same applies when dealing with short term medical coverage. Browsing through the websites of various providers will give provide you with more options than if you just settle for the first provider that you come across. It is important to know the available options before making the decision. This will ensure that you get value for your money in terms of the level of coverage.

Always compare the coverage level of different policies offered by different companies. Although there is a basic coverage like diagnostic tests, hospital care and surgery, you will certainly come across some policies that offer additional coverage. Knowing the level of coverage offered by a policy will help you determine whether it is suitable for your health needs.

2. The price

This is another important factor that you need consider when buying short term medical insurance. Price varies from plan to plan and is dependent on certain factors such as your gender, age, lifestyle, medical background and health condition. Always look for a policy that is offering value for your money.